Guides How to create and embed charts from any Notion Database into Notion or Website. Step by step guide

Notion 📓 + Charts 📊 = 😍

Navigating the world of productivity and organization is made infinitely easier with Notion databases. Notion ia a powerful, adaptable tool that lets you keep all your work and ideas in one easily accessible place. But Notion's true power is databases.

You can create custom databases for various tasks, projects, and notes, connecting and organizing them to suit your needs. This streamlined, all-in-one approach allows you to effortlessly manage and visualize your work, personal projects, and more. It's like having a personalized, digital workspace that you can design and modify to fit your unique requirements, helping you stay organized, efficient, and productive.

Visualizing data with charts is crucial. It turns complex information into something easy to understand, helping everyone make smarter decisions quickly. Charts let us see patterns, trends, and insights at a glance, which might be overlooked in text-based data.

Wait, but Notion doesn't support Charts, right?

Yep and here’s a hiccup: Notion, as powerful as it is for organization and databases, doesn’t natively support charts. This can make it tough for users who need to see their data visually for better clarity and understanding.

This is where NotionHero Charts comes in handy. It fills the gap by letting users easily create and integrate various charts right within their Notion workspace. It’s a straightforward solution to make the most out of Notion, ensuring your data is not just organized, but also visually accessible and understandable.

If you came here looking for how to create and embed Charts from Notion and Notion Databases, you are in the right place. Follow this simple step by step guide on how to convert your precious notion databases into lovely and beautiful and powerful charts in 60 seconds

Example of a Notion Chart

Yes, that is a Notion Database that was converted into a chart, and it took me literally 60 seconds to create it.

How to use NotionHero for creationg Charts from Notion Pages and Databases

Here is how you can you can create Notion Charts in 60 seconds. Start your stopwatch:

  • Sign up for NotionHero here.
  • Go to the Dashboard -> Charts -> Add New or click here to access the add page directly.
  • Connect your Notion to NotionHero, and select database your want to convert into a chart.
  • Select type of your chart ( horizontal bars, pie chart, etc. There are 7 to choose from).
  • Apply filtering, grouping and of course customize colors 💅.
  • And finally copy paste the link NotionHero gives you into Notion to embed your chart.

This is how NotionHero UI for create charts looks like:

Step 1: Connect Notion and select Database

Connect Notion to NotionHero and select any database

Step 2: Configure your chart

Customize your Notion Chart

Step 3: Embeding the chart

You will receive a link like". Go to your Notion page, type /Embed and pste the link

Type "/Embed" and paste the link

Step 4: Your Chart is ready!

You can embed your chart as many times as you want, and enjoy how data is visualized

With NotionHero Charts you can achieve a lot:

  • Instantly turn your Notion databases into clear, informative charts for easy analysis and interpretation.
  • Make more informed choices by viewing your data in a visually comprehensive format..
  • Embed your chart in any Notion Page or Website.
  • Use one of 7 chart types: Bar, Horizontal Bars, Vertical Bars, Line, Pie, Doughnut, Area and Radar.
  • Customize the colors.
  • Choose any X and Y axises.
  • Group and Sort.

NotionHero is a free tool that you can use to create charts from notion pages and databases for free, unlike other competitors and alternatives

Create your first Notion Chart


NotionHero Charts offers a quick and simple nocode way of converting Notion pages and databases into Charts and embed them in websites or other Notion pages. In just 60 seconds, convert your Notion Database into a powerful and nice looking dynamic Chart ready to be included in the website or Notion.

If you have any further questions about NotionHero or NotionHero Charts feel free to click the chat icon in the bottom right or email us at