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Embed Notion Page On Any Website

It’s typically not possible to embed a Notion page into another website. With Embeds, you can achieve this in couple clicks and under 30 seconds: take your Notion page, add its URL to NotionHero, and receive a short piece of HTML code that you can include inside your webpage.

On the right, you can see how Embed for this Notion Page looks like.

Turn any Notion database into an insightful and beautiful chart

Visualize your Notion charts and embed them into any webpage or directly into Notion. Connect your Notion account, choose the database, and convert it into one of 7 chart types in just a couple clicks.

On the left, you can see how this database was turned into a chart in just 30 seconds. You can choose different axes, colors, sorting types, and more to make your chart informative and insightful.

Create custom widgets for Notion pages

Add Call to Action buttons with icons and custom colors to your Notion Pages in seconds. Fully customizable and slick looking. More widgets are coming soon...

Create forms from Notion and for Notion

Within 1 minute—and without any coding skills! Create a beautiful and functional form from a Notion table, and collect answers in it.

With great tool. Come great possibilities.

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Track usage of your Notion pages—see who is using them and how.

Include useful widgets or your custom HTML code into a Notion page.

Convert a Notion page into a standalone website.

Need a specific functionality? An FAQ, or perhaps a changelog? Use NotionHero has got you.

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Unlock more with NotionHero

99% of Notionhero features are available to all users for free and without limits. But what about spicing up things a bit?



Use NotionHero for free with inbuilt branding

  • Unlimited number of embeds
  • Unlimited number of charts
  • Unlimited number of widgets
  • NotionHero branding
  • Embeds resync to the source page every 3 days
  • Charts resync to the source database every day


7,99€ or $8.5/month

Unleash all features and possibilities

  • Remove NotionHero Branding
  • Embeds resync to the source page every 10 minutes
  • Charts resync to the source page every 5 minutes
  • Manually resync embeds and charts when you want
  • Protect embeds by whitelisting sites for embedding
  • Custom CSS in Embeds
  • Password protect embeds coming soon
  • Charts Custom Color coming soon


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Frequently asked questions

When will all the features be available?
NotionHero is in Beta and under active development. New features are being added on a weekly basis.
Is NotionHero free to use?
NotionHero will always have a free generous plan with certain limitations. You can access additional features for a low price.
You don’t have a feature I need. How can I suggest it?
Please drop us an email at or use our feedback portal .
I need help! How can I reach out to you?
You can either use the chat in the bottom-right corner or email us at